I love chicken paillard and so do my kids. The parmesan cheese makes this version stand out a little more. Serves 4.  


2 Tbsp garlic olive oil
4 organic chicken breasts, pounded to¼” thickness
1 cup parmesan cheese, freshly grated (sub plant-based cheese)
½ cup asiago cheese, freshly grated (sub plat-based cheese)
¼ cup gluten free flour, (sub almond flour) 
2 large organic eggs, beaten
JF Universal Salt, to taste 
Fresh cracked black pepper, to taste 
Handful of organic fresh parsley, chopped
1 organic lemon, cut into wedges


Season the pounded chicken breasts on each side with JF Universal Salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Place them on a sheet of parchment paper. 


Create an assembly line starting with the chicken breasts. On large dinner plates, line up the flour, pour the beaten eggs onto a plate and then combine the grated cheeses onto the last plate. Heat a large nonstick pan with garlic olive oil on medium high. Starting with one chicken breast, dredge it in the flour and shake lightly to remove the excess. Then flip once in the beaten eggs making sure it is coated evenly. Hold it up for a second to remove the excess, then flip over once in the cheese mixture pressing it down so it’s evenly coated. Transfer immediately to the hot pan. Put it in slowly to avoid splattering.


I like to cook the breasts one at a time in the center of a large pan so there is plenty of room. Turn the heat down to medium and allow it to cook to a deep golden brown. Using a large spatula check for browning. In approximately 5 min, flip to cook the opposite side. Transfer to a plate and repeat with each breasts.


Serve solo with a lemon wedge while hot or at room temp over arugula greens with a simple olive oil dressing. You can also serve hot with my tomato sauce over gluten free pasta.